My Life with God

We All Need Fixed

change_takes_time_fitness_quote_classic_round_sticker-rdafebc83a82649428422e2dff6bee2f7_v9wth_8byvr_324Scroll through social media, and you’ll soon be reminded of many things that are wrong in the world, or at least, what your social media friends believe are wrong. And we all seem to have the fixes that seem so easy. It’s easy to point fingers, easy to claim faults, and easy to say how easy a solution would be.

“Why can’t people use their brains?” They are. But their brains work differently than yours and are filled with different understandings and experiences.

“Why can’t people just love one another?” Sounds good, but what does love look like when someone is threatening someone else, living in a way that’s harmful to self, or involves any number of situations that need correction or confrontation.

“Why can’t people be more understanding?” Try being understanding when you’ve been inundated with messages that tell you how others want to mistreat you, whether those messages are true or not.

Many times, our “if only” solutions that seem so easy involve others’ need to change their minds, approach, or beliefs. Yet we’re not in their shoes. Are we that willing to change? Are we willing to sacrifice our own mind, approach, or beliefs?

If we’re not at least willing to entertain the idea that we might need to shift, be patient, listen, engage people different than us, and be humble, we’re not going to get anywhere. We’re not going to experience change. We’re not going to get our quick and easy fixes.

Because change isn’t simple, quick, or easy. And change isn’t about others. It’s about us.

So the next time you think of what needs to be fixed, consider what needs to be fixed in yourself.