My Life with God

Be a Witness to God’s Withness.

As Christians, we often talk about how available God is. He is always present.

But do we live as if that’s true?

Do we behave as if we truly believe what we claim to believe?

Not as often and as completely as we should. And I’m not saying “as we should” as a condemning judgment. It’s not about “ought have, could have, should have.” It’s about the invitation that God extends to us. It’s the truth that He really is present in our lives.

We just don’t behave as if He is.

We make sure we mention Him and give Him credit when things work out well. We cry out to Him when things aren’t going well. But what about all those in between times, the moments we go about our ordinary lives. Do we invite Him into those spaces, too?

People around us see us in all of those moments. Well, perhaps not the ones when we’re by ourselves in our homes, but what we do in those unseen (by everyone but God) moments bleed into our witnessed moments.

God’s presence isn’t dependent on our willingness, but He can certainly use us as witnesses. We have to be willing and available at all times to become a witness to God’s withness.