My Life with God

Dear Younger Me

photo-1494426383302-7b9d36a1a028There have been popular posts about the advice we’d give to our younger selves. We obviously can’t, so we’re really talking to people who are in the lifestage we’d like to go back and tweak a bit. I don’t want to get too philosophical and entertain the idea that if we change one thing, it could have a domino effect, and are we really willing to let some of the things go that would then be eliminated out of our lives?

But I’ll admit this: the older I get, I’m not sure I’d change a lot about my life. Oh, I’d be a little more patient and kinder. I’d be better at generosity and listening. But I’d want to keep some of my mistakes. I guess my advice would be: Be more intentional about your choices, then reflect on them.

Make some of those mistakes. And deal with the consequences. Grow through it all. I’m not sure the focus is as much on the choices as the responses at times.

Food for thought for today. 🙂