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Review: Mondays with My Old Pastor

A book has to be special for me to dedicate a blog post to it, and Mondays with My Old Pastor by Jose Luis Navajo is worth it. I read it in one day as I travelled, and I underlined and starred many sentences and stories. Here’s one of my favorites:

The teacher always told a parable at the end of every class, but the students didn’t always understand the meaning. “Teacher,” one of the students challenged him, “you tell us stories, but you don’t explain their meaning.”


“I’m sorry,” the teacher apologized. “As a way of making it up to you, let me invite you to have a ripe peach to eat.”


“Thank you, Teacher,” the student answered, flattered.


“To make this a special feast for you, I would like to peel your peach for you myself. May I?”


“Yes, thank you,” said the student.


“Since I already have the knife in my hand, would you like me to cut it into pieces so it’s easier for you to eat?”


“I would love that, but I wouldn’t want to take advantage of your generosity.”


“It’s not taking advantage if I’m the one offering it. I only want to please you. Allow me to chew it before I give it to you.”


“No, Teacher. I don’t want you to do that!” the disciple objected, surprised.


The Teacher paused. “If I explain the meaning of each story to all of you, it would be like giving you a fruit already chewed.”

Navajo was thinking of quitting the ministry when he began meeting with his “old pastor,” who, through successive Monday visits, offered a legacy of wisdom in the form of fifteen unique principles. Navajo passes along the wisdom through his recollection of the Monday meetings. Mondays with My Old Pastor is an engaging read of lyrical prose.

We all need a reminder from someone who walked before us, so pick up this book and a pencil. I think you’ll want to take notes.

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