Adventures in Faith: Securing Endorsements

adventures in faithThis is what I mean: One of you says, “I follow Paul”; another says, “I follow Apollos”; another says, “I follow Peter”; and another says, “I follow Christ.” Christ has been divided up into different groups! Did Paul die on the cross for you? No! Were you baptized in the name of Paul? No! (1 Corinthians 1:12-13)

Ponder It.

If you could have one person endorse your life and ministry, who would it be, and why?

Who do you “follow”? Consider people in your everyday life as well as social media.

How well do you “wear” God’s name?

Receive It.

Athletes who achieve medals, records, and great statistics often gain endorsements. People and companies want to be associated with them, so their agents wheel and deal the best partnerships that seem beneficial to everyone involved. Sometimes it doesn’t require a superior achievement, or at least not only a superior achievement. A powerful or sentimental story helps. When someone can relate to the person’s story, she becomes more beneficial for endorsements. Think about it. What athletes are associated with different products, some that don’t have anything to do with their sport or athletic ability?

It’s not just athletes who associate themselves with others. We all do it to some degree. It’s just that most of us don’t get paid for it. There are other benefits—reputation, credibility, associations, financial support, and so on. But what about the association we have with God? When you consider your faith, why do you do what you do? Of course, it should be more about relationship than association, but is it, really, always? Do you claim to live by His name because you want to honor Him, or do you sometimes want Him to rubberstamp what you want to do? When have you done something that seemed like a good thing, something God would surely approve of, but that you didn’t check with God about first? You, like most of us, like to do some things on our own. We’re selfish. We’re human. We’re not going to completely get rid of that while on this earth, but if we’re following God, we at least need to have the respect that notices when we are doing something in full confidence of His will and provision and when we’re doing something because we prefer it. Every good thing is not a God thing. God things are only those things He specifically instructs us to do, not just the general guidelines He gives to everyone. He wants us to be in a relationship with Him, which requires trust on a moment by moment basis. Are you willing?

Live It.

Listen to the song “Hello, My Name Is” by Matthew West. Write “Hello, My name is…” on a piece of paper, then jot anything negative that comes to mind. When you’re done, cross each one out and write “Child of the one true King.” That is who you are. Claim your identity, then live out your name with honor.

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Faith: Securing Endorsements

  1. Love this thought! 16 years ago I was in a spot of “doing too many things for God” but he had instructed me to do none of them. I prayed for a way out, and we moved. I promised Him, through guidance from Elizabeth George’s writing, to always wait 24 hours before committing to a ministry related commitment at my church. It has worked beautifully. Between my promise and the 24 hour pause period I cannot think of one thing I have said “Yes” to that was not from Him! Amen Susan, thank you for sharing every day.


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