Adventures in Faith: Sandboarding

adventures in faithThe Lord has filled Bezalel with the Spirit of God and has given Him the skill, ability, and knowledge to do all kinds of work. He is able to design pieces to be made of gold, silver, and bronze, to cut stones and jewels and put them in metal, to carve wood, and to do all kinds of work. (Exodus 35:31-33)

Ponder It.

What was the most recent new thing you saw on an infomercial, in the store, or in real life?

When have you used your creativity?

What two sports or two items would you like to combine for usefulness of adventure? (You might just have the idea for the next great invention!)

Receive It.

Have you ever heard of sandboarding? It’s similar to snowboarding, using a board, but on sand dunes instead snow-covered mountains. It’s not in high profile competitions…yet…but it’s certainly adventurous! Just imagine the first time someone went sandboarding. Maybe He or she had a surfboard or a skateboard without wheels and decided to take the fast way down the dunes toward the water. Perhaps someone else watched the adventure unfold and realized the board choice wasn’t quite right, went home and created a board more suited for it, and…wa-la! Sandboarding was born. I really don’t know how it happened, but it makes me think of the many things that are created just by combining a couple sports or ideas or making slight adjustments.

We can often get stuck in ruts, thinking we have to do something the same way or the way it’s always been done. There’s certainly something to be said about tradition and learning from other people’s mistakes, but there are definitely plenty of mistakes for us to continue to make and learn from, and one of those mistakes might be failing to try something new. The more we can problem-solve and dream, the more we can live in and with God’s creativity and begin to imagine how big He truly is. He doesn’t confine us to the way things have always been. He invites us to know Him better, grow beyond what we’ve previously known and understood, and let Him reveal some fresh ideas. He wants us to explore and enjoy the world around us. I don’t know if He’s excited about sandboarding, but I’m pretty certain He’s glad people are using the creativity He has given them. Now, if we can just live our faith with creativity so that we enjoy the adventures and lead the way for others who are missing out on the adventurous life of faith. Faith really isn’t stale and boring, so don’t live as if it is.

Live It.

Use something in a creative way today. Create a new tool by adjusting one or more items. Or imagine what you would do to adjust if you didn’t have the specific utensil, tool, or equipment you usually use. How would you problem-solve? We get so used to being able to buy everything we need, but even if an item already exists, consider how you can adjust and make something similar out of what you already have. Celebrate the creativity God gave you.

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