Give Up What You Like

give it upI left behind most of the clothes I took to Israel. Many of us either planned ahead to give away most everything we took or, once there, decided someone else could use what we had more than we needed to keep it. (Then there were some who wouldn’t have been able to fit everything they bought in Israel without leaving something behind.) We had extra suitcases that had been filled with the items we took to give Bridges for Peace. Everyone brought their clothes and other items to my room, and on the last full day, I started to pack them.

I went through everyone else’s clothes first, then I started sorting my own. I easily folded and stacked most of them. But there was one shirt that I started to fold and set aside, then paused. I held it up and thought, “I like this shirt. I’d probably wear it again. Maybe I’ll keep it.”

Give it up.

Just because I like it doesn’t mean I need to keep it. In fact, sacrifice takes on more meaning when I like what I’m giving up. Is it actually sacrifice when I give away what I don’t care about anyway? How can I call it generosity when there’s no sacrifice involved? Sure, someone else might be blessed by what I give, but do I miss out on a blessing?

What do you need to sacrificially, generously give away today? Give it up.


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