Slow Down!

I got to study group and was hesitant to really engage. I kept thinking about skipping out to focus on other things that were on my mind. I didn’t think the benefits of staying were worth what I’d be missing. But I needed to slow down before making a decision. Life isn’t about pushing forward. It would have been okay for me to leave, but only for the right reasons. God challenged me to slow down enough to listen to how He was guiding, and as I settled down, I settled in.

I realized I was just where I needed to be. My priorities for the morning slid into place.

An hour went by. I engaged in challenging, encouraging discussion then sat down with friends to dig deeper while listening to the next message. I was lost in thought when I felt my phone vibrate. It was someone I couldn’t ignore or didn’t want to ignore. Yet I felt the pull of two directions. I had started off distracted, willing to step away, and found myself so engaged that I didn’t want to be distracted.

That’s what often happens when we slow down. We engage at a level that firmly holds us in place, helping us take each step forward with deliberation. Distractions become interruptions. Some interruptions need our attention and are worth the cost of stepping away and into. Others are not. But only when we slow down enough to listen and settle into His presence can we be sensitive to the best choices and response.

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