The Trust of Companionship

12407209_790916824388193_18117472_nHis armor-bearer responded, “Do what is in your heart. You choose. I’m right here with you whatever you decide.”

“All right,” Jonathan replied, “we’ll cross over to the men and then let them see us. If they say, ‘Wait until we reach you,’ then we will stay where we are and not go up to them. But if they say, ‘Come on up,’ then we’ll go up, because the Lord has handed them over to us—that will be our sign.”

They let themselves be seen by the Philistine garrison, and the Philistines said, “Look, the Hebrews are coming out of the holes where they’ve been hiding!” The men of the garrison called to Jonathan and his armor-bearer. “Come on up, and we’ll teach you a lesson!” they said.

“Follow me,” Jonathan told his armor-bearer, “for the Lord has handed them over to Israel.” (1 Samuel 14:7-12)

Having trust is important, affirming, and challenging. Jonathan’s armor-bearer supported him and committed to stand by his side, trusting that “what is in (Jonathan’s) heart” would be trustworthy. We don’t follow people because we simply want to be by their side, as if we get some sort of affirmation or recognition out of being someone’s sidekick. We remind them to follow God’s leading. We trust we can follow them well, because they are following well. Ultimately, God is the trustworthy one.

He gifts us companionship, teamwork, and trust. He gifts us relationships. We simply have to follow Him into and through them. Each day and each relationship is full of choices.

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