Love and Disclosure

pureloveblogHe who has My commandments and keeps them is the one who loves Me; and he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and will disclose Myself to him. (John 14:21)

God reveals Himself to us as we love Him, as our relationship grows with Him. God reveals Himself by letting us get a glimpse of Him. He teaches us about Himself. He uncovers His will and character for us to learn. We should also pay close attention to when God reveals Himself to us through His Word. Let’s consider Noah and the flood.

God allowed the flood waters to cover the earth. If you’ve ever been on open water or even looked beyond the shoreline across what seems to be the endless sea, you might be able to imagine what Noah and his family were experiencing. They saw nothing but water. They were on a floating zoo that Noah built on faith. They trusted God to provide, but their trust and faith had to be a moment-by-moment decision. They could have easily become frustrated, scared and anxious. They continued to live the lives God had directed them to live. They continued to float.

The ark eventually rested on the top of a mountain as the waters began to recede. Noah and his family moved from a constant motion of swaying to an anchor of solid ground. The waters continued to recede, and they eventually saw dry land. They could leave the ark.

Consider a season of your life when you felt a constant swaying. You were overwhelmed and felt your stomach churning with each passing moment. You didn’t know when or if the motion would cease. You felt as if you were on an amusement park ride that just wouldn’t stop. Perhaps when you finally stopped, the first few steps were so unsteady, you weren’t certain you had actually stopped. You could still feel the motion. You still felt queasy.

God’s timing is perfect, but because we don’t have his perspective, we don’t see the perfection in all situations. We define perfection by our own standards. When we’re uncomfortable, we’re likely to say something is far from perfect. We want everything to fit together. We want to understand. We want to be able to explain and accept all things.

God covered the world with water, but He then uncovered it. Through the process, He revealed something about Himself. He showed His provision, and He even made a promise about the way He would deal with the world in the future. He promised He would never again flood the earth and destroy people to deal with the sin.

When we look for God, we find God. When we find God, we hear God. When we hear God, we know God. He reveals Himself every step of the way, but as we love Him, we yield and see Him in His unveiling. Our love relationship invites an authentic faith, and the communication that goes along with it. We grow deeper with Him, because of who He is and what He promises for us. He will always provide. It is who He is. Seek Him and know Him.


Dear God, through all moments and seasons of uncertainty, I know You provide. I praise You for communicating with me so consistently and intimately. Help me to continue to grow in my communication with You and with others. I want to honor You in how I seek, speak, and listen. I want to know You more intimately and invite You into my life more completely.

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