My Life with God

Stealing Anxiety

anxiety-2019928_960_720What can you do today to rob tomorrow of its anxiety?

We’re not supposed to worry about tomorrow, but what we do today often affects our anxiety of tomorrow. Today holds the preparation you need for tomorrow. If you don’t fully engage in today, and that includes the experiences you assess as good or bad, positive or negative, constructive or destructive, how prepared can you actually be tomorrow?

Why not rob tomorrow of some of its anxiety? Allow yourself to live so presently in today that you take a confidence into tomorrow. Everything isn’t going to be perfect or go smoothly. You’re still going to run into some significant hurdles that you don’t like, but you’ll be better equipped to get over and through them.

You cannot anticipate everything. Not even close. You are not in control. But how you choose to experience today matters. How you respond matters. How you perceive matters.

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