My Life with God

Who Told You?

MC_SightWords-WhoI’m working through The Quest study with a group of women, and one of the key questions that have struck many of us is “who told you that?”

It’s an important question. There are so many things we believe about God, ourselves, and others, and we need to know why we believe what we believe. Sometimes the source is easy to identify and equally as easy to discredit or affirm. But sometimes we are too lazy to discredit or affirm based on a process of patience and perseverance into truth. We want to believe what is most convenient and comfortable for us, but truth changes us. If we’re not changing and growing and giving some things up along the way, we’re not on a quest for truth.

Sometimes truth changes us in seismic ways, but many times the changes are nearly imperceptible and happen over time. The same can be said for deception. We are always being influenced. How much we’re willing to engage with the influences around us, filter them with discernment, and bravely step into and through the uncertainties and heartaches of life say a lot about the core of our beliefs.

Develop a habit of asking yourself, “Who told me that?” Not to become a cynical doubter but to become a wise, compassionate, faith-strengthened person who invests in a rich life that strings together the truth that endures through the memories of yesterday, the reality of today, and the hope of tomorrow.

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