My Life with God


enough-550x250For some, “enough” is never enough.

What exactly is “short” or insufficient shifts. Sometimes it might be money. It might be the size or location of a house. It might be the status of a job. It might be the right friends or connections. It might be a relationship.

For someone who finds fault, there is little you can do to make things right for them. Because it’s not about fixing one thing. It’s not about achieving one goal. It’s not about righting one wrong. There will always be a shift into yet another “not enough.”

It is discontentment.

Yet others are willing to say everything is more than enough. That who someone is or what they’ve accomplished is wonderful, amazing, and stellar. That they never fall short.

It is false contentment.

And giving someone false contentment breeds discontentment.

True contentment requires honesty, grace, mercy, transparency, confrontation, truth. It can’t be achieved or bought. It can’t be manipulated or deceived. It is not silent.

True contentment is a journey. It’s a humble quest into reflection, change, and boldness. It takes courage.

And true contentment is always enough.

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