My Life with God

Fixing Others

28379807_10214369697011514_5480715444281979138_nThis image came across my social media feed recently: Fix another Queen’s crown without telling the world it was crooked.

We can help others without announcing to the world what we’re doing, and in the process, robbing someone of his or her dignity. We can maintain respect for others. Righting the wrongs of the world don’t have to include pointing out each person’s wrongs. Elevating standards doesn’t need to include stepping on others. Lifting values doesn’t need to include stomping on people who don’t share them.

In fact, we often help fix another Queen’s crown without her knowing about it. But perhaps she’ll walk a bit straighter, more balanced, and more confidently. It might matter less how and why her crown was crooked; what matters more is that someone took the time to walk with her long enough to help.

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