My Life with God

Patience, People

line-stand-2-720x720I thought my trip to the pharmacy would be quick. The doctor had called ahead.

There was a line, but I stepped up to the counter within ten minutes. Good news: they had received the prescription. Bad news: they didn’t have what I needed. Good news: they’d call other pharmacies in town. Bad news: they were busy, and it might take a few minutes.

I sat and waited, then drove to the next pharmacy.

Good news: yes, the first pharmacy had called to confirm the second pharmacy had what I needed. Bad news: the first pharmacy hadn’t followed up and actually sent the prescription. I sat and waited. One of the employees apologized after a while and let me know I could come back later instead of waiting, but I didn’t want to have to get out again once I went home. And I didn’t mind waiting. I caught up on some reading. And I watched people come and go.

I was there for about an hour and a half, and do you know what I saw and heard? Many grumpy people.

I get it: people aren’t very patient when they aren’t feeling well and need their medicine, but the people who were the grumpiest didn’t seem all that sick. I saw a few people who I could certainly understand if they had been grumpy – a woman around my age who was obviously going through cancer treatments, a young mom wrestling with her energetic kids, and an older woman who was pushing through the pain and not complaining one bit.

There were four pharmacists on duty and several support staff. They were working hard. Yet I heard multiple derogatory comments about them.

Really, people?

I tried to smile and thank the employees anytime they helped me. I hope it created a positive ripple effect among their other disruptions.

I haven’t always had much patience, and sometimes there is need for urgency, but let’s not forget our impatience impacts others.

Let’s have patience, people.


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