My Life with God

Party with the Past, Celebrate the Future

photo-1482575832494-771f74bf6857It was a fun wedding reception – a blast from the past and into the future.

I was mainly there to help the reception run smoothly – a perfect position for me because I love to serve. I like to help keep things organized. I knew I’d be seeing people I hadn’t seen in several years and expected a few awkward moments from people who knew me as a Mrs. to a Mr.

It was a beautiful evening. The bride was gorgeous. Every time she smiled, I thought of the little girl who played so many times in my backyard. Her parents are good friends of mine. They and their best friends (and our families) used to hang out often. All of our kids were within six years of each other; half of them are getting married this year.

In addition to my friends, I saw and talked to many others I hadn’t seen for a least several years. It was fun to catch up. Plus, I helped the dessert servers who were all just a couple years ahead of my daughters in school. I enjoyed seeing and listening to them – grown women with careers, families, friends, and dreams.

After I’d wrapped up helping, I decided to hang out for awhile and ended up making many sweet memories. I danced with friends, laughed at our silliness, and celebrated alongside people I barely knew. As midnight approached, I stood back and watched for a moment. I would go home by myself, and that was okay with me. It wasn’t my preference. I’d rather my ex wouldn’t have missed the moments with friends and their families. But sometimes people remove themselves from the circle.

I was okay with going home by myself, because my contentment doesn’t require a perfect circle. It never has.

As I drove home, I sighed with gratitude for friends who step forward with me, for hope and healing, for celebrations of life.

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