My Life with God

Misplaced Pumpkins

photo-1506906994454-39c6f0584675Yesterday I wrote about picking up replacement pumpkins after a friend’s pumpkins were smashed in the road. I also delivered pumpkins to a few others, including a friend from work. She has two young girls, and they get very excited about pumpkins and decorations. She had recently moved and would be gone while I was delivering, so she texted me the address. I typed it into Google maps, followed the directions, and was confident when Google announced, “You have arrived at your destination,” because there was a house with a For Sale sign right in front of me. A perfect match for someone temporarily renting while their house is built.

When I got a text from my friend asking where I’d put the pumpkins, I quickly realized I should have paid more attention to details. I didn’t check a house number. I just unloaded the pumpkins where I assumed they belonged.

I was wrong.

Fortunately, no one lived in the house I’d mistaken as my friend’s, and she lived close by. She picked up the pumpkins the next morning with no issues. I felt bad, but I also laughed at the thought of her moving multiple pumpkins from one house to another, hopefully not mistaken for a vandal or thief.

Sometimes our best intentions end up a bit misplaced.

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