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The Joke Reversed

2018-12-17 09.35.30

Perhaps you recall last year’s post about the Reese’s candy my girls stuffed into my Christmas stocking.

They struck again this year.

As soon as I arrived with my empty stocking, then grabbed it, closed the bedroom door, and went to work.
This year, they added a bit of sass.

Besides my love of Reese’s, one of the motivation for putting Reese’s in my stocking is the memory of the stolen Reese’s from a Christmas about ten years ago. A package of six peeked out of the top of the stocking, but there was one missing. No one confessed and took responsibility.

This year, in addition to the dozens of Reese’s eggs packed into my stocking, there was a package of six tucked into the top. But this package wasn’t disguised to look full. It had obviously been tampered with, and when I pulled it out, I immediately saw that not one, but two, Reese’s trees were missing. That was when each girl pulled a tree from her pocket and ripped it open to begin to eat it…and realized the chocolate trees stored in pockets for a while might not have been the best idea.

So, I got a good laugh at their joke and a stocking full of Reese’s.

Win, win.

Sometimes a bit of sass brings a smile to my day, especially when it creates fun memories with family.

Oh, and the joke turned back on me later. I stored all the Reese’s in a gift bag my oldest had given me. It was covered in glitter. I didn’t think much about it until I carried the candy into work and turned the bag over to dump all the candy into a basket. That’s when glitter went everywhere. I (and my work space) sparkled all day!

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