My Life with God

Presence Over Performance

photo-1504507926084-34cf0b939964God wants our presence more than our performance.

In fact, when we are actively engaged with him, our performance is consumed with an overflow of our authenticity. Our heartitudes feed our responses, efforts, and intentions.

Shouldn’t we also want God’s presence more than his performance?

But if we’re honest, that’s not the case much of the time.

We want God’s response. We want his action. We want influence over what that looks like.

But God’s character does not change. When we pursue his presence, we find truth – although we’ll never know it all. We’ll have peace with his response, although we’ll not be comfortable with it all. We think our approach makes more sense, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best approach.

Presence over performance: make it a goal for yourself,,pursue it with God, and invite others into it. The shift in priorities will take time and intentionality. But I believe you’ll find it deeply satisfying.

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