My Life with God

Prove It

photo-1558963675-94dc9c4a66a9It might be human nature to want to prove yourself to others. Oh, I am well aware we live in a “I’m gonna do it my way no matter what anyone thinks” culture, but some of our behavior says otherwise.

We want to tell certain stories to let people know where we stand or what we’ve done. We want to show off our projects or purchases. We want a little more success, education, money, house, relationship. Or we want a little less of it all but we still feel the need to brag about our desire for less. Proving we got the best bargain is still a bend on bragging.

Maybe you want to prove you can do something on your own. You don’t need that person. You don’t need help. You don’t need faith. You don’t need your family or certain friends or … just fill in the gap. You try to rationalize and prove what you don’t need, but who are you trying to prove it to?

It’s rarely yourself.

Yes, sometimes it is, but when you begin to feel driven to do something to prove it can be done and that you can be the one to do it, be careful. Whether it’s to prove to someone in particular or to make yourself feel better, there’s some manipulation involved, and you don’t need it.

Be honest with yourself. That way, you can be honest with others. Without authenticity in all areas of your life, every area of your life with eventually suffer.

I’ve seen it.

Many times.

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