COVID-19, My Life with God

Life in the New Normal

My job sometimes takes me out of the office and into the field. One recent week, I was in a high school. The week I was on the job was also the first week in school, and everyone was getting used to a new normal.

There were a lot of changes to school-as-usual, including masks, temp checks, directional traffic, more casual class changes, and many reminders to stay six feet apart when possible. I didn’t know the students in the school. I was impressed with how they seemed to be taking in all in stride. It was their new norm. They were coping, which made me wonder:

How would today’s adults have done with the current situation? How many would have been suspended or expelled because they weren’t willing to adjust to new guidelines?

Maybe we think about some people we went to high school with who had the reputation for pushing the limits, or perhaps we mainly think of the people we’re seeing in the current situation and not adjusting well, often (loudly or harshly) voicing their opinions.

Maybe it’s us?

2 thoughts on “Life in the New Normal”

  1. It will be interesting to see how things continue to progress. School here is not starting until next week. Several of our local districts have given parents a choice of home vs in person schooling. Consequently, schedules look crazy because they have to schedule certain groups certain days. Social media is still rampant with folks raging about conspiracies and such. “IT’s all a plan by the government” seems to be the underlying theme. So weary.


  2. Yes. It is a challenge right now…and so revealing in individuals, organizations, institutions, businesses, etc. It’s important we watch and listen to ourselves and be willing to be flexible and change as God guides. Otherwise, we just end up responding in anger, rebellion, stubbornness, and pride. 😦


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