My Life with God

Good Scents

I was in the kitchen making a variety of foods for Christmas Day with some bonus dishes to deliver to people. The many smells permeated the air. I would normally burn a candle, perhaps my peppermint one to keep with the season theme, but it would be too confusing. What can enhance can also confuse. We need to know the best timing.

Of course, I’m not just referring to burning a candle in a busy kitchen. Consider what has enhanced your life at times. Perhaps it’s a discipline or a hobby or a new friendship. It was refreshing in the season, but what if you force it in a situation or season that doesn’t fit? What if you fit too much of the wrong stuff—even if it is good stuff—at the wrong time?

Just because something is beneficial in one situation doesn’t make it beneficial in all. Sure, there are some things in life that are always good. I’m especially thinking about aspects and practices of faith. There is goodness in them, but mixed with our misapplications, control issues, legalism, or hypocrisy, we confuse what is good with poor intentions. The result can be a stench.

Instead of piling one scent on top of another, one task on top of another, one expectation on top of another, pause and assess the best approach. Be flexible. Be humble. Be willing to adjust and change and grow.

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