My Life with God

Out of Place

Several days after a storm, I needed to water flowers because of the heat. I needed to sweep and clean up a few areas. I was bustling and not paying attention to every detail. Something on the siding just behind one planter caught my eye, and I quickly assumed it was one of the many stray leaves. I reached over to brush it off, and I immediately realized it was not a leaf but a cute, small tree frog. I don’t live in an area where tree frogs are typically found. I snapped a photo to send my girls to basically say, “So odd! Where did this come from?!”

I watched him for a minute. I felt bad for disturbing him, but he stayed put and didn’t seem in distress. I wondered if he’d settle back in wherever he had been, or if he’d relocate. The next day, he was gone, or at least out of sight.

By now, you might be thinking, “What’s the big deal? It was a small frog.”

Yes, it was. But he was a reminder to me that sometimes we experience some things that seem out of place. If we’re not attentive, we can overlook the unusual. We get into our routines and check off our habits. We don’t notice and enjoy the small beauties. The frog reminded me it’s important to cling at times but to move forward as well. We shouldn’t stay where we don’t belong, although we might belong there for a short time.

God created us with beauty and purpose. We live in acknowledgment and respond in wisdom.

I’m thankful for the small reminder of God’s big world.

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