My Life with God

Emotional Porn

photo-1527345931282-806d3b11967fThis is a dangerous post to publish. First, depending on the filters you have set on your device, you might not even be able to access it. In that case, I suppose, you aren’t even reading this. Second, I don’t want to trigger anything in someone. If you struggle with porn, please know this likely won’t take you down a dangerous path. Third, it might press upon some hearts that might not think they have any struggle with porn at all.

But—emotional porn.

What do we rely on that makes us feel better but isn’t a true reflection of reality? Porn is the portrayal of what takes us somewhere we want to go but currently aren’t, and it’s a betrayal of the reality of what is and/or should be. Porn helps us escape for a minute or more; many who view it say that escape is helpful. And many people don’t see the damage it does. It skews our view of reality, which then makes reality so unpalatable that we don’t want to face and work through everyday personal and relational issues. It distorts what is healthy or normal. Oh, we can rationalize it as helpful, but it isn’t. It damages us, and it destroys relationships.

Now, reread that last paragraph thinking only about things that people, including yourself, might use as emotional porn. Shows or movies that reflect a life you want or the comfort of having all the loose ends tied up? A relationship that pushes the limits of how you should spend your time and thoughts? Social media or internet sites that feed your pride, struggles, or insecurities? A codependency that keeps wounds open instead of healing them?

Go ahead and consider what pulls you away from reality and helps you temporarily feel better but potentially has detrimental effects because it doesn’t actually challenge you to get or stay healthy—emotionally, spiritually, relationally.

Read the paragraph “What do we rely on…” a few times and listen to the challenge of choosing well today—one moment at a time.