My Life with God

It’s Time

photo-1533749047139-189de3cf06d3“I was deteriorating faster than I could lower my standards.”

Some of us have been there. Or we know someone who has been there. Anne Lamott shared what her friend told her years ago before she got sober, but I think this happens in more situations and with more people than we care to admit. Perhaps you are in that place right now.

We often lower our standards in order to make our bad decisions acceptable. It’s a survival technique to make ourselves and what we’re doing seem okay. I’ve seen it in slow motion so many times. I’ve sensed it in myself at times. We begin to rationalize and excuse and claim we have changed our perspective or even boldly declare we’ve widened our view when, in reality, we are digging a deeper and deeper hole.

Wake up to yourself and those around you. Changing your standards does not inherently mean you are expanding your horizons and growing into a better person. You might be changing what you believe in order to try making what you want to do okay despite the deteriorating impact it will have on yourself and people around you.

Make a better choice. Quit digging, even if you think it’s the only way out. Turn around. Shine a light on your life. Be willing to humble yourself and take one step toward health and change.

I’m confident God and people he in weaving into your life will walk with you every exhausting step of the way.

It’s time.