My Life with God

Share Your Laugh

tumblr_nia02knCC61rmagk1o1_1280My daughter and I settled into our room at camp before the first evening’s session. We hadn’t met many people yet, but we soon knew who we wanted to meet! We heard some voices outside our window, which had a bench overlooking a beautiful lake. We couldn’t hear what they were saying, but every now and then we heard an infectious laugh. It was filled with genuineness and joy, and every time we heard it, we laughed, too. We couldn’t help ourselves.

That night while speaking, I mentioned the infectious laugh we heard. Afterward, a group of women approached us and let us know they instantly pointed fingers at their friend, who consequently laughed, and we immediately identified her as the laugher! Throughout the weekend, I saw her many times. Sometimes she was laughing; other times, she wasn’t. But no matter what the expression on her face, she reminded me of joy. She didn’t have to actually laugh or even smile to remind me of the joy I heard in her.

You don’t always have to smile ear to ear or have a unique laugh to share joy with others. You can share your laugh and joy with others without saying a word at times. How you respond and live impacts others’ lives.

What are you sharing with others?