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Appreciate the Variety

photo-1456526921702-fa7873ea028fA few days after the hectic work day with many friends at the new house, I spent almost a full day working at the house by myself. I listened to music and messages. I reflected on friendships and leaned into the future, moving on with hope and appreciating life. My body was productive, yet my soul was still.

Near the end of the day, tears began to roll down my cheeks. I didn’t feel as if I was crying. Instead, it was cleansing. It was soothing. It was if weight I had been carrying leaked out and made space for hope and peace.

Burdens and freedom, productivity and stillness, community and solitude: it’s all important in life. We rarely reside in one or the other for long. But we can always choose to appreciate the variety of it all and how the combination makes our lives so much richer.

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