My Life with God

To Know The Truth

Sometimes it’s difficult to see the truth in a situation. We have trouble discerning what is our own will and perspective and what is real truth. Our understanding is limited, but we put together pieces we think fit well, only to later discover we forced an inaccurate picture.

An essential question I’ve realized I must ask is,

What is true about God that helps me see the truth in this situation?

When we know the truth about God’s character, promises, and will, we can sift through the details of a situation. We still rarely have the whole picture, but the pieces we have after letting God refine it all are worth missing a few pieces. What we have and rely on is truth, even if we don’t have it in its completion.

But it’s not all up to God. We have to seek and know Him in order to listen and discern well. Without knowing what fits into His character, promises, and will, we have no foundation of what truth is. We have no firm standard. But the better we know God, the better we know truth. And that makes it easier to determine what isn’t truth.

Know God well. Then pause to look at a situation and ask and trust God to sift through and determine what reflects Him and what doesn’t. Then you can proceed with a firm foundation that you can trust.

Because God is always trustworthy.

That’s the truth.