Divorce, My Life with God

The Prayer Pillow

b64bbd6ada0f1d9c643b5d989cf9c1c6Are you willing to pray big, or will you avoid it?

After listening to a teaching several years ago, I bought an oversize pillow that boldly declared, “PRAY BIG.” It was a constant reminder of so many biblical examples of bold, big prayers. The pillow was in my office until a move six months before my marriage ended. When we moved, the pillow found a new home on our bed. On most days, I was reminded to pray big at least twice.

The night my soon-to-be-ex announced he wanted a divorce, I moved into the guest room. (The irony of living as a “guest” in his new world he was convinced would instantly and magically make him happy was not lost on me.) The PRAY BIG pillow stayed in his room. But when I walked by or in the room during those several weeks before I moved, the pillow was nearly always face down on a chair or the floor. Even if the bed had been made, that one pillow remained tossed aside. I intentionally placed it on the bed a few times, and each time, it was face down on the other side of the room the next day.

When  I moved out of the house, PRAY BIG went with me in more ways than one. It is one of the first reminders as I walk into the rental house I call home for now. Praying big has become a way of life for me, planted years ago by a simple Bible teaching. It’s simplicity strengthens me. It humbles and emboldens me to consistently pray big!

1 thought on “The Prayer Pillow”

  1. So sad you have had to watch the spiritual collapse of your husband. But so glad your desire to pray big has not only not diasappeard but has grown. That is the difference in the way Christians handle the hard times of life…rather than rejecting God which is the way the world handles problems.


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