My Life with God

It’s the Little Things (Turtles Included)

I was cruising behind a semi on the interstate when he unexpectedly swerved. I quickly glanced at what could be on the road to see what I needed to avoid, and all I saw was a small black something. How odd for a huge truck to swerve around something so small – something it wouldn’t have even felt if it had run over it.

Then, it moved, and I realized it was a turtle.

I was able to swerve around it as well, which was tricky since the rush of the truck sent it into high speed. I’ve never seen a turtle’s legs move so quickly!

I glanced in my rearview mirror and hoped the little guy would get across the road before the cars behind me reached him…or that they would see him and swerve.

As my focus returned to my front window, I looked at the truck still ahead of me. Its driver (1) paid attention to detail and (2) cared.

As you speed through life, are you (1) paying attention to detail and (2) caring?

There are people who unintentionally wonder onto the road or intentionally scurry across the road. Pay attention and be willing to slow down, go out of your way, or stop. What you do will impact those behind you.

Between dawn and sunset many people are broken to pieces; without being noticed, they die and are gone forever. (Job 4:20)

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