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It Might Be a Test

photo-1558021212-51b6ecfa0db9Feeling tested and being tested are not always the same.

Feelings are strong, but they aren’t always reliable. When you feel tested, is it possible you’ve put yourself in a difficult situation and need to deal with consequences of choices? Is it possible you know the direction in which to go but are simply struggling with the cost of the decision? Are you trying to wrestle for control or understanding or comfort?

Or, it could truly be a testing.

Whatever you are facing right now, take a breath and step forward with wisdom, boldness, humility, and faith.

2 thoughts on “It Might Be a Test”

  1. My husband and I were discussing this just the other day. I have not been very happy in my current job for quite some time, but each time I have tried interviewing or transferring to a different department, the answer has been “no”. Abide, persevere, continue abiding…those have been my words for the year the past 2-4 years. And with our current situation it has become a little clearer why I was to stay. With visitors not allowed at all, even to be with a family member in the emergency room, we had no way of knowing what room his mother was being admitted to last week, or when she came back this past Friday after being discharged on Wednesday. Coworkers informed me when I asked them (because both times I was off work by the time she was assigned a room.) The lack of communication from hospital staff to families of patients is abhorrent. I am embarrassed right now for how folks “on the outside” are being treated. I understand the reasons for not allowing hordes of visitors in to prevent spread of the virus, but there is a huge mistrust now because of it. Here in our community folks are very rude if they see healthcare workers in scrubs in public, and many citizens are not abiding by social distancing rules or wearing masks. Not sure how other communities are doing, but here where I live there is a sizable portion of the population that are extremely irritable that their lives have been disrupted.

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    1. I think there are so many stories of amazing doctors and nurses who are sitting with patients as they die, Facetiming family, etc. And those stories are so encouraging and heartwarming, not to mention a ray of sunshine for the family in an otherwise horrendous time for them. But we cannot and should not expect medical professionals across the country to be able to afford this same treatment. They are doing everything they can in some awful situations. Please know the majority of people are supportive of the healthcare professionals. We are praying for you and cheering you on. I am so sorry for the experiences that are to the contrary. 🙂

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