Adventures in Faith: Free-Running

adventures in faithSurely you know. Surely you have heard. The Lord is the God who lives forever, who created all the world. He does not become tired or need to rest. No one can understand how great His wisdom is He gives strength to those who are tired and more power to those who are weak. Even children become tired and need to rest, and young people trip and fall. But the people who trust the Lord will become strong again. They will rise up as an eagle in the sky; they will run and not need rest; they will walk and not become tired. (Isaiah 40:28-31)

Ponder It.

How flexible are you as your environment and situations change?

Is your approach more to “survive” through change or “thrive” through change?

In what situations are you most likely to combine artistic expression with athletic ability?

Receive It.

Free running is a non-structured running through the environment, using buildings or other structures as launching and landing pads, creatively moving in response to the environment. It’s an aerobic, creative movement. It’s responding to whatever is in the path. It’s a combination of flexibility and endurance. It’s artistic and athletic. When we combine our artistic and athletic abilities, we stretch ourselves and express ourselves more fully in God’s image. God exists in combinations of many qualities. God is both organized and creative (Genesis 1), which might seem to be in opposition or tension. But tension can be a springboard for momentum.

Free running requires endurance and agility. And it requires creative problem-solving. You often don’t know what options you’ll have as you jump off a ledge or flip onto a different level or structure. You might find a flat sidewalk or muddy earth. Each will require a different approach, and you can be creative with each. Right and wrong doesn’t seem to be as essential as what is the best choice in the next situation. Don’t get me wrong: there are absolutes. There is always a right and wrong option to what we’re facing, but sometimes the wrong option has been taken away and replaced with two good options that seem right. Both options could fit into God’s will, so we get paralyzed to choose. We often aren’t choosing between right and wrong but between good and best. And the best is always the one that will take us closer to God—not the one that seems easiest, most comfortable, or most logical, although sometimes that’s the case. Our faith journeys are really a lot like free running because we’re constantly faced with changes that give us opportunities to choose and reflect God’s will. Our paths won’t be trouble-free. But our paths will be adventurous.

Live It.

Challenge yourself to combine athleticism with artistic expression, such as riding a bike and singing or reading and taking notes through drawings or capturing photos while briskly walking. Look for freshness. Watch for the unexpected. Let God change your direction or plan, and trust Him to show you some things you might have otherwise missed.

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