Divorce, My Life with God

A Warm Home and Heart

photo-1517086822157-2b0358e7684aThe past couple days, I’ve shared some of my favorite Halloween experiences as I settled into my new home and neighborhood. I have one more to share today.

I’d enjoyed welcoming and treating many strangers. I’d seen a few people I knew–some who knew where I lived and others surprised to see me answer the door. As I shared yesterday, I was able to help a young girl who tried to jump the waterlogged ditch and ended up a bit waterlogged herself. I’d chosen my favorite costumes (the jellyfish was super creative and multi-purposed) and helped fill many buckets and bags.

But I still had one more treat.

One of my best friends would bring her daughter by the second night. They live in a rural area just outside town and wouldn’t have many people visit for treats. So, they would finish the night helping me greet and treat people. I had homemade pizza ready for them to help them warm up after getting in and out of the car to visit family and friends. We played a mini version of skeeball in between the doorbell ringing.

I jumped a bit as someone knocked on the window beside where I was sitting. She and her boys had already received their treats from my young helper, but I hadn’t realized it was a good friend (who was probably surprised to see someone else answer the door!).

I shared the evening with good, important people in my life.

Not only had I moved into a neighborhood where I felt I belonged but I was creating a home where many friends feel welcome to stop by, hang out, enjoy supper, have serious conversations, and more.

Later that evening, I sat on the couch and savored my home. I live on my own now, and there’s a twinge of sadness that comes with it at times, but I also recognize how full my home and heart are.

I am grateful.

Life is beautiful.


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