Learn and Change

photo-27Yesterday, I shared about the Chagall windows and mentioned one which has a different colored glass that marks where a piece of shrapnel pierced it during the Six-Day War. In fact, many of the windows were damaged. When Chagall heard of the damage, he offered to restore them. He made them just as they were…except for the small piece of clear glass in the sea of blue, marking the damage from the war. It was a reminder of the damage. It was a reminder of the change.

With each event of our lives, we are changed. We might look the same and even feel the same to some degree. We may want to believe we’re the same, as if nothing happened. Or, we might respond in a completely different way and want to ignore everything of the past and build something completely new. However, we can’t ignore our experiences. We can let God restore them. We can let Him use the rubble to rebuild something beautiful. But He uses the raw material. He uses the template of who He created us to be.

Each time we rebuild, we need to learn something and change. With each step we take, we are different.

Do you avoid God’s change or invite it?

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