My Life with God


photo-1504639725590-34d0984388bdI was watching a webinar at work when I noticed the trainer using a tool I hadn’t seen – a magnifier. Maybe you know it’s a feature on your computer and use it often. I knew I could change the resolution and font size of my screen, but a magnifier to look at just one area of the screen?  I had no idea.

The webinar presenter used it during screen share to emphasize something that might be difficult to see for anyone using a small screen. But I could immediately think of a few other uses. I added it to my taskbar and bounced around the office to share with a few others I thought might find it useful.

Sometimes we don’t know we have access to tools that help us see better, more clearly. And I’m not just talking about the tools on our computers. There are so many options in our daily lives that we don’t use often or well enough. Of course, my favorite is God. When I yield to him, I have access to so much more (trustworthy) insight, clarity, guidance, and peace. I still have to strain to see well and wrestle with options at times, but he provides authority and wisdom in the context of a caring relationship. He’s invested in me. He knows what I need. He knows what to magnify and what to cloud. He knows what to highlight and what to darken. He knows what to shed light on and what to leave behind.

And I am grateful.

Always be aware of and attentive to the options you have for seeing more clearly.

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