Where Is Your Circle of Friends Going?

rippleJesus had a pretty tight-group of friends. He came in contact with a lot of people, but He deeply invested in a few. He nourished, taught, and filled them, so that when He left, His disciples were so full that Jesus’ impact on them exploded throughout ripples of relationships and communities.

Who are you investing in, and who is investing in you? Have you become a closed community or a close-knit community that is in a season of investment, poised in preparation to explode into ripples that impact others?

We can get so comfortable in our routines that we don’t prepare for the next step. We like our friends. We like our time together. We like how we can trust each other. It’s just…comfortable. Why change it?

Because there are other people who need to experience connections. There are people who need to be served, listened to, acknowledged, invested in.

Think about your “groups.” With what are you filling yourselves? Is it nourishing and life-changing? God-honoring?

If not, get healthy.

If so, get moving.

Start multiplying. Share with others. You will likely stay in contact with many people, but you may have to leave some people behind. If you’ve invested in each others’ lives, you’re really just taking each other with you. The ripple effects are connected, but they have to move in order to continue.

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