Type A for Jesus

typeaBeing Type A for Jesus: It’s not possible.

We want it to be possible. We want to make it possible. That’s part of the Type A personality.

It’s ambition. And isn’t it possible to be ambitious for Jesus? We want Him to have the most impact. We want to see lives changed for Him. We want the world to be different. How fine is the line between ambition for self and ambition for Jesus?

It’s high energy. That, too, is possible for Jesus. After all, He certainly doesn’t want us to be sloths! But can we approach rest and peace with high energy?

And then there’s competitiveness, another trait of Type A. Well, now we get into some trouble, because competitiveness and humility don’t fit together too well. Yet can’t we frame competitiveness with discernment? We have to compete with some things, right? It’s the classic struggle between good and evil.

Type A traits are believed to make people susceptible to stress and heart disease. Well, there’s just no rationalizing that one. God’s pretty clear about worry and anxiety. They just don’t fit in with trusting Him.

It’s hard to harness those Type A personality traits. God will certainly use them through us if He gave them to us…but only with His harness. His timing, His plan, His wisdom.

Type A traits are often emphasized and encouraged in our culture. After all, we think, “If it’s gonna be, it’s up to me.” Sure, we need to be responsible, but we don’t need to be in control. Even when we think we are, we’re not. God emphasizes and encourages humility, service, forgiveness, respect, compassion, and generosity.

Take a step back. Check your perspective. It’s worth the time and change.


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