(Un)Focused Faith

focusTherefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming. (1 Peter 1:13)

I can get distracted during worship services (and many other times). Sometimes something annoying pulls away my faith-focus, such as someone clapping on the wrong beat. I understand not everyone has rhythm, yet I find it personally distracting because it creates dissonance somewhere deep within me. Other times, my own thoughts distract me. My mind wanders, sometimes deeper into Scripture but often times deeper into my task lists. I know I need to pay attention, but focus doesn’t always come easily.

Faith requires focus. Everyday life pulls me in many directions. The way I was raised and the culture in which I live presses upon me. I’m saturated with teachings and values not based in Scripture. In order to debunk falsehoods, I must pay attention. I must focus on the truth to discern what’s false, just as I have to focus on God when I worship in order to quickly identify those moments when I’m distracted. I must know where my focus should be and how to regain it. Whether or not I’ll lose focus isn’t the question; when I’ll lose focus is. I’ll encounter distractions. I’m certain about it. However, I’m even more certain about something else: God desires to gain all of my focus. He longs for me to be attentive and alert to Him.

God equips me to pay attention to Him. He is not only present all around me in creation, people and provisions, but he is also present within me. He has gifted me with the Holy Spirit, warning me when I’m unfocused and teaching me when I am. Pay attention to the gift He’s given you.

Watch for God revealing Himself to you today. Take snapshots or jot notes when you encounter God’s presence.

Ask God to expand your attention span moment by moment.

5 thoughts on “(Un)Focused Faith

  1. I love your Facebook page statuses and i’m glad I have found the link to your blog.. Going to study it all day today.. thnx Susan


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