When God Won’t Let You Quit

I’ve thought about stopping, or at least cutting way back, on this blog many times in the last several months. Writing something daily is challenging to say the least. I rarely get to interact with people who are reading…if they are reading.

In many ways, I enjoy the process. It spurs me to be more observant, sensitive, reflective, and consistent in how I live my faith in the real world…which, after all, is where we all live, not in this contrived contraption-place-space-or-whatever-it-is called: the internet. I’ve prayed about it. Others have prayed about it. I haven’t gotten a clear answer during my alone time, yet when I’m just about at the point where my finger hovers over the “deactivate” button, I get surprising comments and encouragement.

  • “I read you every morning!” from someone I hadn’t seen in over a year.
  • A sudden unexplained jump in readership.
  • “This is exactly what I needed to read today. Thanks for sharing.”
  • A Timehop reminder of someone’s encouragement.
  • A story about someone I didn’t even know read the blog sharing a post at a large women’s event.

So, I continue a bit longer. I’m still not clear about continuing, but I am even less clear about quitting.

Sometimes we stay stuck in something just because we’ve done it for so long. I don’t want that to happen, whether it’s about this blog or something else in my life. At the same time, I don’t want to let go of something I’m not supposed to let go of yet. Sometimes we continue without knowing why. That’s different than continuing because it’s the easy thing to do. Sometimes persevering, especially when we don’t understand the reasons behind it, are most difficult.

Oh, wait. I do know the reason behind it. Because God has prompted me to persevere for now.

That’s good enough reason and understanding for me.

At what crossroads are you standing? Is God being clear, or is He prompting you along just an inch or two at a time?

Be thankful for His presence, even if you’re not certain of the specifics or the timing or the purpose. Perhaps the purpose is simply listening to and responding obediently to Him.

10 thoughts on “When God Won’t Let You Quit

  1. i will be one to say, thank you again for not quitting I did need this today. God has been prompting me maybe not even an inch but a little at a time. I’m getting better at taking time to try to listen and follow. Your daily readings are a “go to” very often during the week.


  2. I completely understand where you are coming from. Just when I wonder if anyone is paying attention, God sends me a reminder and encouragement through people who are watching and listening. Almost two years ago I felt led to withdraw my leadership from our women’s ministry program and concentrate on writing. I wasn’t sure for a long time why God wanted me to do that because women’s ministry was and is my passion. But because He was urging me to write, that’s what I did. A few months down the road the opportunity to be the administrator of our new church website fell in my lap. The devotions I was writing now had a home on the Women’s Ministry page. Then came the church newsletter. Now what God had prompted me to write had a home in the newsletter. Today I am writing and videoing two minute Bible Study’s for the Women’s Ministry web page and sharing them on Facebook. They have been uploaded to 19 countries around the world through Vimeo. God has a plan….a mighty plan. He can mightily use anyone willing to say “yes”. He is using you, too, Susan. Keep saying “yes” when He calls your name.


  3. Thank you for this post today. I’m in a situation where I am doing more listening to be obedient and persevering and this post was a great reminder to keep it all focused on God.

    Happy Friday! Kate

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  4. Don’ quit…I read it via my email every morning. I often times use it for devotion at staff meeting/prayer time on Monday morning. It often is just what we need to hear that week! Your writing is down to earth and “hits home”!


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