masterpieceFor God who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of God’s glory in the face of Jesus Christ. (2 Corinthians 4:6)

Ponder It.
How do you respond to light? To darkness?
How have you noticed God working through other people’s lives to encourage you?
How has God shed His light on and through your life?

Receive It.
Have you ever seen a suncatcher? It’s something that captures light, then sends it along in a beautiful way. A suncatcher can be something like stained-glass, where the light shines through and creates nearly transparent color that spills onto a surface nearby. Or it can be something that sends flecks of light to scatter around a room. It doesn’t just reflect light. It lets light flow through it to project light somewhere else.

Our lives can be like that. We’re not light in and of ourselves. God is the source of light. He wants us to be light, too, but only because He supplies it. We can stop light from showing by blocking it, but the light still exists. Just because someone ignores or denies God doesn’t mean He no longer exists. Even when we accept His light, we can do so in a way that keeps it to ourselves. But that’s not God’s intention. He wants us to be light for others, and He uses us in beautiful ways. He shines through us and scatters light onto others. He illuminates a situation through us. He reveals Himself through us. He uses the specific colors He has created in us then shows them off with His brilliant light. Without His light, the colors might have some beauty, but with Him, we shine.

God will not shine His light through something that doesn’t please Him. We please Him by trusting Him. We will disobey at times. We’ll choose poorly. But do we really trust Him through those trials and mistakes? Do we turn toward Him and let His light penetrate our impurities and let Him show off through us? His grace is sufficient. Without Him, we are dull. With Him, we are brilliant.

Live It.
Go to an inside room and look around in the daylight. What can you see? What about at night? Use a flashlight and try to see the same details that you see in the day’s light. Consider the difference between trusting God’s light verses your own. Let in as much light into your day as possible—literally. Open curtains and shades, sit outside, open a door, take a walk.

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