My Life with God

This Day in History

Search “this day in history,” and all kinds of important things come up. But I wasn’t there for many of them. Even if I was alive, I wasn’t actually at the place mentioned.

My Timehop app is more personal. It tells me what I posted, what photos I took, or who tagged or messaged me a year ago, two years ago0, three years ago, and so on. Since I’m not consistently active online, on some days, Timehop is nearly bare. However, about a month ago, there was a week packed with reminders.

I was reminded of several women’s events at which I had spoken over the years. One was a small gathering of moms. Another was a large conference where I met women from around the globe. Yet another reminded me of a spiritually full weekend of stories, conversations, prayers, and healing. I was reminded of the Living Proof Live team I served alongside for over a year, forging friendships, serving well, and growing in my own prayer life as I encouraged and equipped others to do the same. I also saw snapshots of writing: posts about what I was writing about and struggling with, links to blog posts that reminded me of a different season of life, and the memory of writing all day at Panera with one of my very best friends.

Each was a moment of time. And each is important to today.

Knowing “this day in history” isn’t as insignificant as marking a moment in the past. It’s not getting stuck in the past. It is being aware enough of the past to know how it impacts today. It’s appreciating what brought me to today. It’s setting a memorial stone, intended as a reminder of a moment. If we stay in the moment, we don’t need the reminder. But we move on, glancing back every now and then to celebrate where we’ve been and where we’ve come, and more importantly, what God has done in our lives each step of the way.

So, glance back every now and then. Instead of longing for the “good ol’ days,” celebrate what you’ve experiences. Instead of settling into the pain of a memory, recognize the difference between then and now.

God is beyond all time, so He sees your yesterdays, today, and tomorrows. He can give you glimpses that help you commit to the next few steps. Let Him show you a timehop, then celebrate with Him today.

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