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Yellow, Yellow Everywhere

photo-1526692946504-8e907f6a3353I video chat often with one of my best friends who lives several states away. She recently sent me a video message to report that she was reluctantly starting her studying process in preparation for taking a test for work. She held up her study book as proof. It was bright yellow. Then she realized she was wearing bright yellow, too. She inadvertently matched her study book. It was quite funny. It reminded me a bit of the man in the yellow hat in the Curious George series.

A couple hours after seeing her message, I walked the aisles of a grocery store and began to notice so many bright yellow items. One end cap was entirely filled with bright yellow packaging. At first, I chuckled to myself. Then I realized I could use bright yellow as a prayer prompt in the next few weeks leading up to my friend’s test.

Later that evening, I went to the high school track for my evening walk. Our school colors are purple and…bright yellow. Our football field goal posts are yellow, and the fence that surrounds the field is topped with bright yellow fence guard. Which meant my entire walk time was a prayer prompt!

I laughed and sent my friend a video message. Then I spent the remainder of my walk praying for her and for others.

God is creative in how he brings things to our minds and hearts, and I am grateful he makes me smile (and laugh) so often.

2 thoughts on “Yellow, Yellow Everywhere”

  1. His “Love Language” towards us for sure…I love when this happens also. I’m in great company of thought and spirit I see!!

    “God is creative in how he brings things to our minds and hearts, and I am grateful he makes me smile (and laugh) so often.”

    This past Saturday I traveled to a nearby city to pick peaches for my mom. While in route it came to mind that I’d be passing by a friend’s house, but I didn’t feel the nudge to stop as I passed his street. After passing by his street I passed a store, and there he was pumping gas. After passing, the Lord prompted me to U-turn and go speak to him..After doing so, he opened up and began sharing something that had freshly happened between he and his wife, so he sought me for the Lord’s counsel. Amazing, I thought to myself, as I shared what the Lord gave me, and I could hardly wait to get back into the vehicle so that I could just thank God for His amazing way of arranging and aligning such organic meetings for ministry, even at the gas pump.

    He went on to share that he literally almost called me, but thought to himself that I wasn’t home. Isn’t God amazing for how He gives and arranges for us these “BIG BRIGHT YELLOW” moments. Soooo, I’m really in awe even more because of this….YELLOW is my favorite color…So not even knowing what this message would be about, I opened it simply because of its spiritual brightness!

    Blessings Sis! WOW!!

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