The Shoe Debacle

My youngest daughter and I had been in the van for nearly an hour when she began to laugh so hysterically she couldn’t explain why. After at least a full minute, she made a simple gesture to try to explain. She pointed to her shoes.

In her rush to leave her house, she forgot she had tried on two different shoes to look at the mirror and decide which she liked better. She left with one of each.

Perhaps it wouldn’t have been as bad if we wouldn’t have been going to a public place, although I tried to convince her most people wouldn’t notice, and the only people she would know would be a couple family members who wouldn’t care. We needed to make a quick stop at Target, so maybe she could look for shoes there.

We had to make a pit stop when we arrived at Target, and while in the restroom, I realized my shoe felt funny. I looked down, saw a string hanging, and noticed all the stitching on one side of my shoe was completely gone. Now the urgency to visit the shoe department skyrocketed. I wasn’t sure if I’d even make it through our brief shopping stop without leaving a shoe somewhere in the store. I shuffled as we found the shoe department.

We found few options. After all, we needed something that would match what we were wearing, and I had a commitment later in the day to speak in front of people, adding a bit of pressure on what I chose.

I ended up with slippers. Yes, house slippers. In all fairness, they didn’t look much like slippers, except the lining. They had a solid sole and were similar to a popular shoe style. But as I walked around the rest of the day, even if no one else noticed my slippers, I was self-conscious. And my daughter and I often giggled.

Sometimes debacles are just too ridiculous and amusing to get bent out of shape about them.

We can set aside any feelings of embarrassment, frustration, and insecurities to actually enjoy the silly memories we make with people.

Watch for fun moments to turn into memories today!




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