My Life with God

Enduring Faith

photo-1548032885-b5e38734688aEmergencies can reveal faith, and often times, we’re ready. We jump in to help. We bridge gaps and overlook differences. We pray big, and we recall and claim God’s promises.

Then life resumes.

Sometimes our emergency faith is better developed than our enduring faith.

Enduring faith ebbs and flows like water. It is cohesive. It fills the space but is not stagnant. It moves, and it changes. It can be gentle, powerful, cleansing, and correcting. It serves the purpose of the time and season. It is never exactly the same. It is beautiful and mysterious—and it is difficult to grasp or contain.

To develop an enduring faith, we cannot be stubborn. We need humility and perseverance. We need discipline and flexibility. We will feel as if we are drowning at times, and we will lounge back in refreshment at times. We will wade, and we will dive deep. We will float, and we will fight. We will build strength, and we will find peace.

Emergency faith helps in some situations, but enduring faith prepares us for emergencies as well as every ebb and flow of life.

What are you doing today that will help you develop enduring faith to last into tomorrows?

5 thoughts on “Enduring Faith”

  1. Well, things at work have worsened. I won’t go into detail, but I am polishing my resume and taking a plunge . After 37 years, I will be leaving the institution I work for. Not sure where God is leading me next.

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