My Life with God

A Sabbath Sigh

I needed rest. Not sleep. Sabbath rest.

It’s something I’ve been more diligent about in the last several years. It’s not about a lazy day. It’s an intentional pursuit of seeking God’s presence and peace. He recharges me. He challenges me. He prepares me for the week ahead. I often read, study, journal, and pray. I reflect and listen as I sit outside or walk.

And I look forward to it. I need it. Because I need Him.

Not long ago, as Sunday approached, I looked forward to it with a longing. It had been a challenging week. God had provided through it, but I needed to soak, steep in His presence for an extended period of time. I worshiped at church, then came home. About two hours into the afternoon, I heard myself sigh, not just a normal sigh but one of those deep, cleansing sighs.

It took me that long to unwind and relax in His presence. It was a sigh of relief and recognition.

It was a sweet, sweet day.

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