My Life with God

The Sign We Wear

IMG_20200125_230108This dog isn’t the only one who feels this way at times. Can’t we all admit to it? It’s not an introvert/extrovert thing. The ratio might be different for each of us, but I think all of us want to connect at times but also need some space.

And that’s with people in our lives.

What about our relationship with God? We often want attention when we feel as if we’re in need of something, but we tend to grasp for space when we want things the way we want them. We don’t want God to infringe on our lives—until we do. We can twist our faith and let our own perspectives run how and when we reach out to God instead of letting him place the boundaries for our relationship with him.

Perhaps we need to alter our signs to make it less about how our requests and more about God’s will. Something like: “God, how about you decide today what boundaries, freedom, accountability, and discipline I need today in order for my faith to flourish and trust to deepen?”

Are you bold enough to wear that sign?

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