My Life with God

Why Now?

It was a rare beautiful day for the time of year, so my husband and I spent as much time as possible outside. We were just about to go inside when I opened the back gate, and the entire vertical board attached to the handle came off the gate. I had to call my husband back out to fix it.

Really? Just about the time we were wrapping up our outside stuff to go inside?

But it could have been worse. After all, it was a nice day, so fixing something without pouring rain, scorching heat, or frigid cold wasn’t so bad.

We often get irritated with interruptions and problems, but we can also find a blessing in the timing and provision of it all. We can choose an attitude of praise or irritation. It’s up to us. We can focus on the inconveniences of life and blame God when things don’t go the way we want, or we can focus on what and how He provides even when we don’t understand it all.

The back gate wasn’t a big deal, but it was a reminder not to make a big deal out of the things that aren’t. And even when there is a big deal, I can choose to lean into God and be thankful for Him.

So can you.

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