Trying to Help Without Assuming Too Much

We have a responsibility to people God has placed around us. Scriptures are full of “one another” statements:

Love one another.

Be at peace with one another.

Forgive one another.

Accept one another.

Speak truth to one another.

Comfort one another.

Encourage one another.

Teach one another.

Admonish one another.

Pray for one another.

Yet we cannot control each other. People have choices, and they are responsible for those choices. Sometimes we have to make tough decisions as we care for others. We need to do something (or NOT do something) for someone because it is what is best in the long run. Or sometimes, we do what is best in the moment, because in some way, it works into the best for the long run. We do our best to steward relationships, but we don’t have full control…or full wisdom. We will mess up. So will they. But God can fill the gaps and turn the potter’s wheel. He can rework us and seal the cracks of insufficiencies, weaknesses, and errors. He will give us strength and purpose as we invite and allow Him.

We have a responsibility to others but not for them. That is in God’s control and wisdom. And that gives me comfort and peace.


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