My Life with God

Same Word, Different Meaning

photo-1496262967815-132206202600Resigned can be read two ways and can mean completely different things. We re-sign something and recommit to an agreement. Or we resign something and give up.

Commitment versus walking away.

Knowing in which direction we’re headed matters. Knowing our motivation matters. Knowing how our actions and approach impact others close to us matters.

I have experienced resigning as recommitment as positive and negative, and I’ve experienced resigning as walking away from something as positive and negative. Of course, my experiences (or yours) don’t determine whether or not the resigning is actually positive or negative. We can rationalize how we want to perceive something because it’s the only way we can resolve or live with it.

And that’s why honesty and awareness are so important for us and for those around us.

Resign well – whatever type of resigning it is.

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