My Life with God

Worship with Full Hands

iStock_000033090244_Medium-1260x840I wanted to capture some moments of worship, so I sat in the balcony with my camera in hand. It wouldn’t take long. I’d snap a few photos and take a couple short videos. I am the Communications Coordinator at church, so it’s not unusual for me to take a few snaps, although it’s rare during worship services.

For good reason.

I tried to hold my phone in an inconspicuous place and continue to worship. But I couldn’t sing at a normal volume as I avoided recording my own voice. Every time I glanced down at my phone, I realized I had shifted just enough to move the frame of focus to the side or up or down. I felt as if I was hardly moving, but apparently, even the slightest movement messed up my video. I tried a few more times, but I finally decided to set the phone aside.

I couldn’t worship with full hands.

It was a good reminder for me, and perhaps it will be for you, too. Worship isn’t just about a service at church. It’s an everyday choice. When we fill our hands and hearts with stuff that distracts us from God, we won’t be able to freely, authentically worship Him.

I’m choosing to set it all down today, then tomorrow, and the next day, and so on.

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